Our Process

A document technology assessment
to support your organization

Think Beyond Just Printers

No matter the economic climate, business need to prioritize how they’re spending their money and using their time.

The Imagine Technology Assessment helps businesses identify and uncover the true costs of their document technology, highlighting areas where they can save money and optimize workflows.

Our specialists take a comprehensive view of a business’s printers, scanners, copiers, and more. We examine each business’s real data and use our expertise to forecast future expenses and efficiencies.

Through this assessment process, we’ve helped thousands of organizations uncover and eliminate costs, while freeing up time so they can stay focused on their core operations. We look forward to helping you do the same!

Imagine Technology Group - Our Process

Imagine Having a Trusted Partner to Handle Your Document Technology,
So You Don't Have To

Imagine Technology Group - Process Wheel: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control
ITG Phase 1

Understand Your Corporate Culture

We hold a preliminary meeting to understand your organization’s direction and objectives. We set baseline measures before getting to work.

ITG Phase 2

Inventory Technology

We use several tools and techniques to gain a big-picture view of your current technology environment. This includes any underutilized, obsolete, and redundant assets.

ITG Phase 3

Analyze Usage

Our diagnostic application captures usage data from both networked and non-networked devices.

ITG Phase 4

Capture Costs

We conduct an in-depth review of both the direct and indirect costs of your technology. This includes workflow asset usage and ongoing maintenance costs.

ITG Phase 5

Review Workflow

We create a blueprint of how information flows among your devices. This allows us to identify any bottlenecks or inefficiencies.

ITG Phase 6

Examine Processes

We identify all opportunities for improvement, from hardware to sustainable working practices. This includes reviewing administrative functions, such as procurement and internal IT processes.

ITG Phase 7

Monitor and Optimize

We’ll set up systems to monitor your technology usage. This will help us find ways to further reduce costs, energy consumption, paper waste, and more. We’ll review this with you each quarter.

Timeline and Process

ITG Phase 1


  • Install FM Audit for Network Scan of Devices
  • Physical Walk-Through with Floor Plans (First Meters)
ITG Phase 2


  • Invoices for Printer Toner, Maintenance Kits & Repairs,
    or Agree Upon Industry Standards
  • Recent Invoices on Asset Leases & Service Costs
  • Document Out-Sourcing and Storage Costs
ITG Phase 3


  • End User Interviews
  • Physical Walk-Through (Second Meters on Local Devices)
ITG Phase 4


  • Review Assessment Findings and Validate Current State
  • Co-Author a Solution in Accordance with Client Objectives
  • Schedule Proof of Concept (Technology Demonstration)
ITG Phase 5


  • Present Executive Summary Solutions & Recommendations
  • Review ROT over a 1, 3 and 5 Year Plan
ITG Phase 6


  • Schedule Implementation of Agreed Upon Solutions
  • Assign Project Management Team
ITG Phase 7


  • Monitor performance and usage metrics
  • Quarterly review to identify areas for additional improvement

Think Beyond

the hassles of printers.

Imagine having the document solutions and support you need from a provider that treats you like family.

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