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Medical and Healthcare

Healthcare is 24/7. A printer that goes down on the weekend can shut down a whole nurse’s station. With people’s health on the line, you can’t afford to be without the mission-critical infrastructure you need.

Imagine Technology Group provides unparalleled support to maximize technology uptime. We also help ensure compliance with privacy and security regulations like HIPAA.

We’re trusted by some of the largest hospitals in DFW. We would love to help your hospital or practice with your document technology needs as well.

Imagine Technology Group - Medical and Healthcare
Imagine Technology Group - Legal


Traditionally a paper-heavy sector, legal organizations have huge potential for new growth when it comes to document digitalization. By digitalizing vast amounts of legal documents and automating the processing of billing and document processes, legal firms are able to drastically boost efficiency while ensuring data security and client confidentiality.

Imagine Technology Group will examine the needs of your business to identify suitable solutions for real business pains.

Energy (Oil and Gas)

As an energy company or utility, you have to continuously addressing safety and compliance:

  • Your approach to public safety
  • Optimizing routine and emergency procedures to protect your field workforce
  • Streamlining reporting and driving operational efficiencies for better audit preparation and compliance performance

Imagine offers a variety of solutions to tackle these challenges by improving the way you manage processes—and the information that powers them.

From linking unstructured documents to structured regulatory and operational data, to implementing systems for records retention, we can help you simplify your operations and ensure compliance.

Imagine Technology Group - Energy (Oil and Gas)
Imagine Technology Group - Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC)

Our team understands the unique challenges of your industry. Poor communication with remote job sites, inaccurate billing, and equipment downtime can all affect your ability to quickly complete projects. Ultimately, it can damage your bottom line.

Imagine has the knowledge, experience, and resources to help any size architecture, engineering, or construction (AEC) firm manage their documents and improve efficiency. Our experts have already helped AEC forms big and small be more productive and cost effective. Whether your need wide-format printing, managed print services, or a document management solution, Imagine Technology Group can provide the technology and support you need to better focus on the jobs at hand.

Wide format features include:

  • Multifunction roll systems
  • Versatile media handling
  • Increased flexibility
  • Security features
  • CAD application optimization
  • Network capabilities


Driven by smart devices and the proliferation of digital technologies, employee and customer expectations are changing rapidly. Your digital transformation journey should focus on providing employees with the speed to act and flexibility needed to keep customers happy—and help you move ahead of the competition.

With our portfolio of digital workplace solutions, Imagine can help you better navigate your digital transformation journey. While manufacturing and logistics focus on automating and reducing waste, Imagine can do the same for your paperwork.

Our electronic forms automate paperless fulfillment, improve delivery through more accurate information, efficiently print and apply shipping labels, and even help increase customer satisfaction.

We can also help you automate your invoicing technology. Scan and convert your invoices to digital files, validate and then assign invoices for approval—and once approved, automatically route them for payment. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Imagine Technology Group - Manufacturing
Imagine Technology Group - CPAs and Financial Institutions

CPAs and Financial Institutions

Delivering an outstanding client experience hinges on your ability to orchestrate several business processes, including the data and documents that power them. It’s also critical to keep costs down and increase efficiencies.

Imagine can help with a wide array of financial functions, from streamlining loan processes and automated invoice processing, to controlling print costs and reducing waste.

Our document technology solutions will keep you compliant and increase productivity. This includes the ability to store and access client records securely, and to release print jobs exclusively to your device of choice. You can also implement print rules and track jobs by user to find ways to better cut costs.

Let Imagine Technology Group help you spend more time focusing on serving your clients and less time printing, filing, and managing documents.


Tight budgets and increased demands are a challenge. Imagine is here to help.

Our solutions team can help you streamline your admissions process, simplify testing and grading, eliminate paper waste, and control printing costs—and improve communications at the same time.

We can help you track jobs by authenticated user and charge back accordingly, and enable students and faculty to print from mobile devices. We’ll also help you print to a queue and retrieve jobs at any enabled printing device and implement enforceable print rules.

Let Imagine help you with document technology solutions that save teachers time and foster student success.

Imagine Technology Group - Education
Imagine Technology Group - State and Local Governments

State and Local Governments

There are two things everyone in government can agree on: the proliferation of paperwork, and the need to reduce costs.

Imagine’s document technology solutions help government agencies manage the increase in documents and assets, simplify and protect employee records, and even reduce paper waste and printing costs.

We can implement systems to digitize documents, automatically route documents to the proper departments, and even help to organize these documents so that they can be quickly and easily searched.

Start eliminating paper waste and getting printing costs under control—while keeping all your important records safe and accessible. Imagine can help you with all of this and more.


We understand that managing a nonprofit can be challenging, and that most nonprofits are always looking for ways to reduce costs.

Imagine can provide affordable equipment solutions backed by the service and support you need. While stretching your budget is important, we knot it’s important to project a professional image with the quality of your newsletters, flyers, fundraising event posters, and other print materials. We have helped multiple nonprofits and religious organizations reduce their costs and enhance operations through better document technology and process.

We provide tailored solutions through our print audit process. We’ll discuss your organization’s goals and objectives, analyze your current workflow, and review all multifunction product (MFP) and printer volumes. We’ll make sure we understand how you communicate with donors, staff, volunteers, and the press, so we can make precise recommendations.

Let us partner with you to improve your document workflow—so you can spend more time focusing on your mission.

Imagine Technology Group - Nonprofits

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the hassles of printers.

Imagine having the document solutions and support you need from a provider that treats you like family.

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